Large Hydroponic Kit

$180.00 inc. GST

About this Hydroponics Kit

This Hydroponics kit has 3 tiers which is great for staggering different growth cycles. It is one of our largest home hydroponic kits allowing you to grow up to 108 plants at any time. This kit is our most affordable kit per planting pot meaning you get the most grow for your buck. The benefit of this Large Hydroponic Kit is that you can start by using one tier and then over time increase your grow output. This allows you to scale up or down how much you are growing any time. This kit suits anyone who is looking to grow leafy greens for a medium or large family. Growing crops on rotation allows you to constantly be harvesting plants so you never run out of your favorite food. This compact and affordable Large Hydroponic kit is defiantly worth considering if you are serious about growing your own food at home. You can harvest on average 2 heads of lettuce a day with this kit which should be more than enough for most people.

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