Hydroponics Kits NFT ( Nutrient Film Technique)

SLanted Hobby Hydroponics Kit that can be used to Grow Your Own Vegetables At Home.

Hydroponics is a cheap and effective growing method. It is not difficult to learn and can be done anywhere in any environment. There are many different types of Hydroponics Kits, one is Nutrient Film Technique (NFT).

Hydroponics delivers nutrients to plants by replacing soil with nutrient rich water. These nutrients are added to the water by the farmer in the form of liquid or powdered fertilisers. Hydroponics main benefit is that you can directly control and customize the nutrients you add. This allows a plant to grow to its full potential.  Hydroponics enables you to maximise yields and even get a superior taste! Yum!! 

Nutrient Film Technique (NTF) Hydroponics Kits

Nutrient Film Technique is a popular technique used by farmers to grow crops hydroponically. It is not only a system that is easy to set up and use, it also works great and that is why it is also used by hobbyists. Take a look here at a commercial hydroponics farmer using NFT to grow crops. 

Commercial NFT System growing Lettuce

NFT works by constantly circulating water past the roots of the plants. This nutrient dense water gives the plant everything it needs. First a pump sends water from a water reservoir to the top of the system.  Gravity then allows the water to flow back into the reservoir and the process continues. This is how we achieve continuously circulating water within the system. 

Slanted 36 Pot NZ Hydroponics Kit Product Picture
Slanted 36 Pot NZ Hydroponics Kit Growing lettuce in full bloom

NFT best suits lightweight plants that don’t need much support, like many leafy greens. Lettuce is one of our personal favorites to grow.  These have a quick turn around time and seem to flourish in NFT kits. 

To grow using NFT is actually a very simple process. First you need a grow kit. Check out our NFT Hydroponics Kits HERE.

After germinating seeds and transplanting them into the kit. You can then mix your nutrients and add them to your water reservoir. All you need to do then is turn on your pump and you’re ready to go. 

What Else?

Other things to keep in mind when growing anything is lighting. It is best to place your kit in a place where it can get as much sunlight as possible. If you don’t have anywhere with suitable light you can substitute with your own lighting. LED lighting is the most efficient as it is the most energy efficient and only gives the plant the most important light wavelengths. 

Pro Tip:  When growing using NFT you can trim plant roots. This will prevent overgrowth which can clog the system.