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We advise regularly refreshing the water in your hydroponics system either weekly or bi-weekly. Additionally, circumstances such as unforeseen algae development or issues with plant health might necessitate changes to the nutrient solution.


Choosing hydroponics over soil farming offers several advantages, including significant water efficiency due to recirculated water use, higher yields from controlled environmental conditions, and space efficiency as plants can be grown closer together. Hydroponics reduces pests and diseases by eliminating soil, enables year-round growing regardless of seasonal changes, and promotes faster plant growth because nutrients are delivered directly to roots. It’s environmentally friendly, reducing the need for pesticides and allowing cultivation in non-arable areas. Hydroponics also offers complete control over the growing environment and avoids soil degradation, making it a sustainable option for urban settings and beyond.


When you purchase a hydroponic kit from us, we provide detailed instructions on how to mix your fertilizer and germinate your seeds, ensuring you have all the knowledge needed to start your hydroponic journey. If you’re eager to get a head start or require any information in advance, just reach out to us. We’re more than happy to send you the instructions ahead of time to help you prepare for your new hydroponic adventure.

Lettuce particularly flourishes in hydroponic systems, making it an outstanding selection for newcomers to hydroponics. Its minimal spatial needs, low upkeep, and the capability for continuous leaf harvesting throughout its growth cycle render it highly efficient. This system allows for a steady stream of fresh, crisp lettuce directly from your setup, with the possibility of harvesting as early as 30 days from planting.


We deliver to any location within New Zealand in a timely manner, ensuring your order arrives between 1 to 5 working days.

Starting your own hydroponic garden is surprisingly affordable, with initial costs running under $70. This cost-effective solution allows you to begin cultivating your own plants at home without a significant financial investment.

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At NZ Hydroponic Kits, we specialize in providing a comprehensive selection of hydroponic systems, microgreens, tents, and accessories designed for both enthusiasts and individuals keen on cultivating vegetables in New Zealand. Our hydroponic kits are all-inclusive, equipped with fertilizers, growing mediums, and pots, ensuring you have all the essentials to begin your growing journey immediately.

I have the Hydroponics Kit Intelligent Planter Box from this company for about a year now. The product is very high quality, has good instructions and looks very stylish on my work desk, also very quiet. Minimum efforts and maximum results 🙂

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I have been using my kit for over a year. Haven’t tried hydroponics before this. Very quick and prompt service.. Had all my questions answered quickly and thoroughly. Thanks!!

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Very Fast delivey. Ordered my kit on a Monday and received it on Wednesday. Quick communication and delivery even during covid. Very Satisfied with your service and wouldn’t hesitate to order from you again.

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