The Benefits of Growing Hydroponically

Hydroponics Kits NFT ( Nutrient Film Technique)

Hydroponics, what is the difference between it and traditional soil grown crops? One of the main advantages is that it is very efficient when it comes to space.  As you can stack crops on top of each other you can increase your yield up to 10 times when compared to traditional methods of growing. People have therefore started to adopt hydroponics in urban centers where there is limited land. This is known as vertical farming.  

Commercial hydroponics

You have a lot more control over the environment and fertilizer. Hydroponics delivers nutrients to the plant directly. You can customize the ratio of nutrients to suit different kinds of plants and growth stages. If you are growing indoors you can also control temperature and light which means you can grow all year round! These factors can have a huge impact on the quality, nutritional value, grow time and size of your crops.  

When growing hydroponically you don’t have to worry about weeds. This can reduce the amount of chemical pesticides that are used when growing. If you are growing in a controlled environment pest control also becomes easier. This can lead to healthier crops and no pesky bugs getting to your delicious greens.

With commercial hydroponics we see that most crops can reach the customer within 48 hours. This reduces food wastage and pollution from shipping. With a shorter shipping time the crops have a longer shelf-life in store and in your fridge.

These are just some of the benefits we see when it comes to hydroponics. Why not get started today with your very own kit. We recommend the NZ Hydroponics Slanted Kit with 36 Pots for any beginner that wants to dabble in the world of Hydroponics. All of our kits contain everything you need to get going.