Why Use Hydroponics?

  • Environmentally friendly! Small spaces can be used to grow large quantities of crops
  • Grow year-round!
  • Higher pest resistance than traditional agriculture methods
  • Food can be grown in places that cannot support soil crops
  • Less or no pesticides used in the growing process making our water, air, soil, and food cleaner
  • Nutrient solutions may be recycled or re-used on gardens or other plants
  • Healthier and superior taste to plants grown in soil!
  • Higher yields than traditional plants grown in soil
  • Many nutrient formulas for different plants as well as different growth stages.
  • Nutrient testing ensures all elements are present in their desired concentrations. Unwanted build ups of undesirable nutrient concentrations, such as nitrites, can be avoided.
  • Control over environmental factors.
  • Unfarmable land may easily be converted in to Hydroponics farms.
  • Builds awareness around sustainability.
Hydroponics Tower Grow Kit

Hydroponic Benefits

There are so many reasons why we should be using hydroponics to grow fresh produce, from the health of the environment to the health of our bodies. Hydroponics prevents soil and soil-borne pests and disease, therefore our need to use a lot of harmful pesticides is dramatically reduced. Lower pesticide use reduces soil erosion as well as water and air pollution. Soil-based agriculture causes run off into streams and rivers, damaging their delicate ecosystems. Reducing pollution is vital to protecting plants and animals indigenous to areas near farms.

Hydroponics gives hope for food production to areas of the world with poor or infertile soils. This gives populations of people in these areas access to healthy produce. The vegetables grown in these areas, and other places with hydroponic systems, are fresh, delicious and full of flavor- even more so than their soil counterparts. Hydroponics empowers populations to be able to access foods they otherwise would not be able to.

From a scientific perspective, hydroponics is the way to go. Hydroponics systems allow for complete control over nutrient solutions that are added to the system so growers are able to know exactly what nutrients their plants are receiving. Nutrients are designed specifically to suit different types of plants at different growth stages. Hydroponic growers can choose the nutrients based on the crop they are growing, and can adjust nutrient formulas when the crop is in a vegetative stage or the flowering stage. This leads to higher yield, faster grow times and healthier plants. Healthy plants are naturally more pest resistant than unhealthy plants or plants that don’t receive optimum nutrition.

Hydroponic growing has many benefits, it is also and easy and affordable choice. Hydroponics builds awareness of our environment especially in children. Foods grown hydroponically taste superior, and have higher nutrients inside them, making them healthier and tastier. It can even help to protect the environment by reducing traditional agricultural pollution. This environmentally friendly method of food production will quickly become necessary to support our world’s growing population, and will become more popular within the farming sector in the near future.