Indoor Grow Lights 600W HPS & MH Light with Shade, Dimmer & Hanger

$230.00 inc. GST

What’s Included

  • Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast: Adjustable light intensities of 100%, 75% and 50%. 
  • 1 x 600W MH Grow Lamp for the vegetative growth phase of plants. They emit a blue-white spectrum of light that promotes strong, healthy growth in plants.
  • 1 x 600W Super HPS Bulb Optimized spectrum and high PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) to promote healthy and fast plant growth. 
  • 1 x Adjustable Hanger to hang the light from inside the grow tent.  
  • Wing Reflector: Over 90% high reflectivity aluminum(no hot-spot) ensures your plants gain as much light as possible. 
  • Package Includes : 1 – Reflector / 1 – HPS Bulb / 1 – Digital Ballast / 1 –  Hanger 

This setup features both HPS and MH lighting. It’s ideal for use in grow tents as well as outdoor applications.



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